You've now made a brand-new batch of your favourite E-Liquid. You've put all your DIY equipment away, primed your coils and filled your tanks. Now what?

In this post we're going to be running through how to keep E-Liquid stored correctly, in a way to keep all of that flavour in and most importantly keeping it stored safely!


1. Keep your mix in the dark.

By this we don't mean don't tell anyone. Make sure you keep your E-Liquid out of light. Especially natural sunlight. Keeping your liquid in a dark place will not only protect it but allow your new mix to keep its flavour for longer. Who doesn't want that?!

2. Keep it cool.

Again, we don't mean putting fancy stickers on the bottle or a 24k gold lid. (However, we're not saying you can’t do these things) Try your best to keep the bottle in a cool place, an increase in heat can change not only the taste but the viscosity of the E-Liquid. TOP TIP: If you're not looking at using your new mix right away, stick it in the fridge. This will keep ever bit of that mouth-watering taste!

Note: This is usually the case, however there are some acceptations. Really strong flavours like Black Jack and Pear Drops sometimes require keeping around or slightly above room temperature. This will help stop this kind of flavour from separating in the container. An easy way to combat this kind of separation is to give your bottle a good shake before every use.

3. Where to store it?

High up cupboards are brilliant. Cool, dark and way out the way of both children and pets. Safety is key with E-Liquid. Not only your safety, but those around you.

4. What type of container is best.

This is different depending on how quickly you're going to be vaping your mix. Plastic bottles are perfect for keeping in your pocket, bag or at your desk. The plastic bottles are easy to take out and about and are usually the best way to quickly fill a tank. However, if you're looking at keeping your E-Liquid stored for a while try pouring it into a glass bottle (The old milk / orange juice bottles with lids are perfect. Just make sure you give them a very thorough wash beforehand). The glass bottles are perfect for storing liquid in bigger batches both in the cupboard and in the fridge.

5. Enjoy.

Now that all the safety and storing is out the way, get that liquid in a tank and enjoy!