Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen brand after brand release squonker mods. But what is a ‘squonker’ and why is it so popular?

A ‘squonker’ mod differs from your standard mod and tank combo, first seen in mass production in the Kangertech Dripbox. The device has a refillable bottle that sits in the housing of the mod (usually 5-8ml) that holds your juice. Then onto of your 510 is a specially made RDA (Dripper) that allows juice to flow through the pin. This means by squeezing the bottle, juice can move up the connecting pipe and flood your wick without having to constantly keep dripping. As you can imagine, this makes the devices more usable in everyday life.

With the popularity of these devices ever growing, we have seen lots of manufactures hit the drawing board to create a mod worthy of being a competitive design in such a niche market.

But why are these becoming so popular?

Unlike the Dripbox, most of these devices now are mechanical mods, meaning they are capturing the cloud chasers and allowing them to hit that sweet spot between clouds and flavour that we can only get from the standard mechanical mod set up. But this time, with an easier solution.

Want to know more?

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Caution: Mechanical Mods should only be purchased by experienced users that have both a knowledge about vaping and ohms law.