EXOCELL 26650 4200Mah 32A

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The Exocell 26650 is a powerful battery which is equal to a 4200mAh battery, with a continuous discharge of 32A that is designed to fit multiple e-cigarette devices.

This rechargeable battery has a balanced lifespan and power outage, ensuring you get a long-lasting and consistent vaping experience.

The Exocell 26650 is a renowned e-cigarette battery, with the ability to power a multitude of devices.

Safety Notice

Please note that high-powered batteries can pose as a danger if they are not correctly stored or cared for. Here are a few safety precautions you should follow:

Never leave loose batteries in your bag or pocket, instead carry them in a case for maximum safety.

Don’t leave batteries charging unattended.

Dispose of any batteries with a cracked or broken PVC wrapper in a safe manner.

Keep batteries stored in a dry and cold place.
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Battery Capacity 4200mAh
Product Brand EXOCELL
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