An electronic cigarette, also know as an e-cigarette or e-cig, is a handheld electornic device that gives off the feeling of smoking, known as vaping. You simply inhale your e-liquid, known as aerosol, which is heated in the clearomizer and creates ‘vapor’.

Depending on what you prefer, depends on which kit you would go for. We would recommend our beginner kits which includes a charger for the battery, a battery which is usually the bottom half and a clearomizer which is usually the top half.

Although there are still some questions which haven’t been answered about the long-term safety of e-cigarettes, the most important goal is to stop the use of tobacco. There is evidence that is pointing e-cigarettes towards being far less harmful than tobacco and with continuous research, the levels of key harmful chemicals are much lower in those people who decide to switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes.


E-Liquid contains two main ingredients known as Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Most e-liquids typically contain nicotine and a chosen flavouring (or numerous flavourings) giving you a large selection of flavours to choose from.

Due to the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) laws which were introduced in May 2017, only 10ml e-liquid bottles now contain nicotine. Any larger bottles, for example 30ml/50ml/100ml etc. will no longer contain nicotine and will need a nicotine shot adding separately to the bottle. All these bottles provide you with the extra room to add these in without any mess or complication.

All PG and VG levels vary dependant on the bottle, vendor or manufacturer but these are usually either 50/50, 70/30 or 80/20.

Propylene Glycol (PG)– Odourless, colourless liquid which is mixable with water. This is something that you more than likely come across everyday has a variety of different uses and applications including smoke machines in nightclubs/bars, inhalers, air conditioning units and more.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)– A type of liquid which is an organic compound extracted from plants, such as coconut. It is widely used across catering, medical and pharmaceutical industries for many reasons.

Nicotine has the power to make you become addictive to cigarettes, although it isn’t harmful in the sense that it can cause you health problems.

The strength of nicotine varies and dependant on your needs, depends on the strength of nicotine that you purchase.

We offer most nicotine strengths with the legal maximum 20mg to the bottom at 0mg, ensuring that we can cater for all your vaping needs whatever you may require.

Below is a general guide which will advise you as to what nicotine strength you may require:

  • 3mg/ml or 0.3% | Up to 5 cigarettes a day
  • 6mg/ml or 0.6% | Up to 10 cigarettes a day
  • 12mg/ml or 1.2% | Up to 20 cigarettes a day
  • 18mg/ml or 1.8% | Up to 30 cigarettes a day
  • 20mg/ml or 2.0% | Up to 40 cigarettes a day

Ensure that you find your comfortable nicotine strength as too much can cause a nicotine overdose and too little may lead you to have a craving for those unwanted cigarettes. WARNINGNicotine overdose can cause nausea, headaches, insomnia, vivid dreams, fast pulse and many other side effects

The thought of choosing your nicotine strength may become overwhelming, or even confusing, and if you are still after some advice or want to put your mind at ease, our friendly and proactive customer service team will be more than happy to help. Contact us on 0333 3031 406 or support@operationvape.co.uk

Simply unscrew the drip tip away from the clearomizer and place your e-liquid nozzle on the side of the inside glass wall. ALWAYS avoiding the chimney (central tube).

For an average user, an average 10ml bottle should approximately last between 5-7 days and the standard clearomizer/tank has a 1.6ml capacity which typically lasts a complete day.


There may be many reasons that your batteries are not charging, but firstly check whether you have the correct charger for the battery you are trying to charge and that your batteries are inserted the correct way. This could be due to some chargers which may only charge from the top connection, where as others are via a micro USB.

An external charger will be required to charge physical battery cell’s which are used in selected MOD’s.

There could be a handful of reasons as to why your e-cigarette won’t charge. Firstly, check that your e-cig is turned on. Most people don’t know about the on/off feature on most of our batteries and if you simply press the button 5 times repeatedly, it will either turn on or turn off.

Check that your charging lead is working by simply plugging in your e-cigarette and make sure that the USB light turns on. We always recommend using a correct and legitimate charger for your e-cigarette.

If your e-cigarettes require batteries that need to be inserted. Ensure that these are fully charged and inserted in the correct way.

If your still having issues, please contact us on 0333 3031 406 or support@operationvape.co.uk and one of our friendly customer service members will be more than happy to assist.


On average, depending on how often you use your e-cigarette, the coil may need to be changed every 2 weeks. You will eventually be able to taste burning, or it may stop creating any vapour.

If your firing at an insufficient wattage, have a burnt coil or it is flooding due to over priming could be one of few reasons as to why your coil is leaking. Also, if your coil is either burnt or has began to deteriorate, it is no longer able to saturate e-liquid, which can also cause leaking.

If this happens, to resolve the leak you will need to replace your coil.

Dependant on the resistance, depends on the vapour strength that is produced. The more power that there is, the more vapour that is produced and the more flavour you will taste.

These are designed with no tank which allows the e-liquid to be dripped directly onto the coils/wicks. Ensure that your remove your cap before and replace after you have finished dripping.

By directly dripping the wicks into the tank, which can be refilled, they become saturated which allows the e-liquid to surround the coil, ready to be vped. This acts like a clearomizer.

It is recommended that you clean your clearomizer/tank thoroughly to remove any previous flavour or liquid before you fill with a new and different e-liquid. The former flavour should begin to disappear after a few vapes (please note, stronger & distinctive flavours may stick to your coil).


Mechanical - an unregulated type of mod that has no circuitry to ensure that there is a steady voltage which protects the battery life. Mechanical mods don't allow you to decrease and increase the voltage.

Regulated - Featuring an internal circuitry which can be found in standard voltage mods, variable voltage mods, variable wattage mods and variable voltage and wattage mods. For safety, if a regulated mod detects a fault within the internal circuit, it will turn off making it a friendly safe device.

Our most common battery is the 18650 or following last years introductory of a bigger battery, we recommend 20700. These provide powerful and long-lasting battery life to your chosen device.

View our range of batteries here


1. Don't allow your e-liquid to run too low - this produces risks of a dry burn (a nasty burnt taste) and also burning your atomizer out. Keep your clearomizer/tank topped up regularly, but also make sure you don't overfill.

2. Always clean your terminal/battery to prevent the loss of connection or damage between the battery and clearomizer. 

3 Store safely to ensure you don't damage your e-cigarettes and always keep them upright! The airholes allow sufficient airflow through to the coil to keep the vape at the right temparature. When e-cigarettes are left lying on their side or upside down, this allows the e-liquid to travel through to these holes and potentially leak. 

4. Make sure you don't screw your clearomizer too tight as this can cause connection damages. Always hand tighten!

5. Store your e-liquid away for light at all times

6. It is recommended that you change your coil or atomizer in the clearomizer every month or so, or when your e-liquid begins to taste burnt or stops producing vape. This allows your e-cigarette to remain top performance. 

If you are not happy with the product/products that you have received, please contact us on 0333 3031 406 or customerservices@operationvape.co.uk and one of our customer service advisors will be happy to help.

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