Pinkman Flavour Concentrate 10ml

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Pinkman is an iconic flavour that is brilliantly infused with fruit flavours that echo around the palate, leaving a divine flavour behind.

The mixed fruits explode on the palate delivering a refreshing hit that sits lightly on the palate, oozing out sweet flavours long after it’s been vaped.

Strength: 0mg
Bottle size: 10ml
Categories: E-Liquid , Brands , Vampire Vape

Pinkman, a flavour most know, is a delightful fruit flavour that breeze through your taste buds, leaving a delicate fruity essence on the palate.

Approx. 10ml. 

Please note this 10ml flavour concentrate is not to be directly vaped but premixed into a PG/VG blend with nicotine if desired. Vampire Vape recommends diluting 15-20% in the mix for best flavour results. This bottle is not to be used for commercial use.

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Bottle Size 10ml
Product Brand Vampire Vape
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