Sweet Tobacco Flavour Concentrate 30ml

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This delightful tobacco flavour has been revamped with a sweet sugary undertone that mixes with the rich tastes of the tobacco, delivering a more wholes vape.

Together, these flavours work in harmony, giving a light adaption of this classic flavour.

Strength: 0mg
Bottle size: 30ml
Categories: E-Liquid , Brands , Vampire Vape

Sweet Tobacco transforms the rich flavours of the tobacco with a sweet undertone, delivering a light and flavoursome mix.

Approx. 30ml. 

Do note that flavour concentrates are designed to be directly vaped. This juice should be diluted into a PG/VG blend with nicotine if desired at a recommended 15-20% to achieve the best flavour. Please be aware that these bottles are not for commercial use.

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Bottle Size 30ml
Product Brand Vampire Vape
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