Vamp Toes Flavour Concentrate 30ml

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A classic Vampire Vape flavour that combines ripe mixed berries with aniseed to give a strong-tasting fruit mix that echoes around the palate long after it’s been vaped.

This juice takes inspiration from the popular cordial drink, replicating it perfectly and delivering a retro taste sensation.

Bottle size: 30ml
Categories: E-Liquid , Brands , Vampire Vape

Vamp Toes is a strong and powerful flavour that infuses juicy mixed berries with an aniseed twist, providing a flavoursome hit similar to the popular drink.

Approx. 30ml. 

Do note flavour concentrates are not to be directly vaped. This juice is for premixing e-liquid and should be diluted at a recommended 15-20% in a PG/VG blend with nicotine if desired. This is not for commercial use.

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Bottle Size 30ml
Product Brand Vampire Vape
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